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Toddler Words


My son’s vocabulary seems
To grow up every day
The sounds are clear, I understand–
But few will seem to stay.

But even so, new words I hear
(As mom I am so proud)
I understand the sound he makes
To me they sound so loud.

Just yesterday I asked “What’s that?”
And he said “Teddy bear”!
But he will not repeat it now,
It’s vanished in the air.

Some months ago I thought he said
A word for juice– a “ju”
But once again, it’s said no more,
Could I have dreamed that...too?

But some words stay and come again
And these I will write here
To show you just how big he’s grown
My little toddler dear.

It’s started with a “dada”, and
It’s now a big “daddy”.
And “ma ma ma”, he change it too,
It’s more often “mommy.”

A bigger word that he will say
Is “dah-dog”, meaning more
Than just a dog–it’s animal
Or Big Bear at the store.

But don’t confuse that with the word
For duck, it sounds like “duh”.
When he wants up he lifts his arms
And whispers “puh, puh, puh”

Now “beebee” stands for baby
Like the pictures on his wall.
And “boo” means books he likes so much
And “bah” or “bahl” means ball.

And questions, too he also says
“Uh, dah?” means “what is that?”
And months ago I’m sure he said
A “dat” for Linda’s cat.

But these at least are similar
To words adults can see.
But goodness me, where did he get
His word for “yes”–it’s “dee.”

It’s “dee” for milk, it’s “dee” for bread
It’s “dee” bananas, too.
You want some juice? He says, “ah dee”
Perhaps he means, “I do.”

Oh yes, he does say “bye bye”
Just as other toddlers do.
But was I really hearing right?
Did he say “sue” for shoe?

Just let a door be open and
Reminders are in store.
He points and points and loudly states,
“Dih dor, dih dor, dih dor.”

“Aye, yi yi yi ya ya dee doh”
He sings and likes to clown.
Could it be? I know it is,
Frito Bandito’s in town.

And so it is (with “mah” for milk)
Words come to girls and boys
So slow at firsta, but soon so fast,
You’ll never stop the noise.

So listen, moms, rejoice today
In all your child can do.
Protect and love, encourage him
He is God’s gift to you.
Copyright 1988 by Judith E. Garling

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