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Another Battle


What kind of ship should this mother run?
What kind of style ensures battles won
Should I be lenient, non-scheduled, relaxed,
Spontaneous, flexible, even non-taxed?
Should I be rigid, so scheduled today?
It's all by the clock now, you don't have a say.
What kind of rules should I make for your life?
Don't touch plants, no T.V., no paper, no knife,
But what can I "Yes, Yes" for you at your age?
Yes sofa, yes toys that are geared for your stage.
But what of your nap? The battle grows hot.
Should I get you up? Should I lay you back?
Should I hold you down? Am I on the right track?
Should I rock you to sleep? Should I let you cry?
When you go on so long, I feel I could die.
But holding you down, my hand on your back?
"Lay down" I command you, and paddle I pack.
What when you're crying and I know you need sleep?
How should I handle this? I really could weep.
What is the right thing? The kind thing to do?
Advice greatly varies (but it's not up to you).
Given our temperaments--my child and me,
Where is the balance? I wish I could see.
I try out one method and when that doesn't work
I sit down unhappy, and housework I shirk.
I wish to resolve this--what's right for us?
What gives results with a minimum of fuss?
When will the peace come of decisions well-made?
I've consulted, I've pondered, I've questioned, I've prayed.
Oh, Lord, give me wisdom to know what to do
With naptime, no-no time, and all the day through.
Copyright 1988 by Judith E. Garling

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