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My little boy has two new words-
An interesting thing.
They're "No" and "Mine" and there are times
They make his bottom sting.

I ask him if he wants his milk
And "No" he'll surely say.
Since I phrased it as a question
I figure, that's okay.

But when I make him a statement
"Come here" or "Get your shoes"
I mean what I say, son, don't delay,
In this you cannot choose.

Maybe I'll say, "Go get my shoes."
He'll get them--very fine!
But then he'll hold them close to him
And tell me they are "Mine."

Is he defiant or playing?
It matters, yes indeed.
Whether I spank or firmly guide,
My child must learn to heed.

And so I pray for some guidance
And wisdom as I learn
How to care for my toddler dear
When spankings he would earn.

I pray I'll be consistent, Lord,
With mercy when it's due,
Just as you treat your children.
Lord, I pray he'll be one too.
Copyright 1988 by Judith E. Garling

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