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Mom's Conflict


My husband now is going to bed.
As wife I will stay up instead.
My time alone is not too long,
'Cause baby sure must tag along.

My sleep is caught in snatches now,
Midst colds and hunger, but somehow
I keep on going day by day
And hope sometime there'll be a way
To take a breather from my job
To get away, to brave the mob,
To shop until my heart's content,
At least until the money's spent!

The time for crafts, the time to sew,
The time for bread and pizza dough,
The time for reading many books,
For makeup to improve my looks.
For bubble bath and manicure
But then again, just one thing's sure:

These things will wait, but babe will not--
Today is all the time I've got
To watch him grow, to laugh and sing,
To play together on a swing,
For climbing steps, for taking walks,
For funny noises, baby talks,
For music, toys, and wagon wheels,
For learning how a baby feels.
So little time to love him now
For soon he will grow up somehow.
He'll be too old to stop and play;
He'll grab some food, be on his way.

But he'll retain inside him then
The memories of days back when
His mother played or didn't play--
Together then, or in the way?
These feelings he won't e'er outgrow:
The warmth, the hugs, the kisses.
So even though a battle rages,
Growing up is done in stages.
He needs me now, my dreams can wait
Although it's hard to think things straight.
He needs me now so I must go
And let through him my love o'erflow
To show how precious he's to me
To greet his 'wakening joyfully,
At six a.m. he's full of life
To start his day, let's not have strife--
Let's make this day the best so far.
And as I watch the way you are,
The way God made you for my care,
My motherhood with you to share
He made you special, one of a kind
And I will help expand your mind
To see new wonders, hear new songs,
Explore the backyard in your thongs.

And though today is not a breeze
God promises my heart to ease:
To help the conflicts, calm the doubt,
To help me smile instead of pout,
To help me view life right again,
To guide me as I hold this pen
To write my thoughts, to think of God
Until my head begins to nod.
I'll join my husband in the bed,
To sleep, to sleep, you sleepyhead
No time for baths, no time for showers:
Babe wakes up in just six hours.
 Copyright 1988 by Judith E. Garling

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