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My Child 


All day long I watch my child--
Baby that he is, soft and smooth.
Cooing, laughing, smiling as he learns
Daily new skills to delight himself,
Every morning he rises hungry
Facing the day to see new wonders.
Grabbing at objects above his head,
Hands waving or in his mouth,
Inspecting the world around himself.
Jolly smiles as mother talks back
Kicking and waving as he knows
Love is there, ready to meet his needs.
Mother's love as he is held when hungry
Nursing often and feeling safe in her arms
Often stopping to stare at his world.
Playing in his playpen
Quick to hold fingers or rattles
Ready for attention from daddy.
Smiling as he is lifted
To meet the other big person in his life,
Understanding only that he is satisfied.
Very soon he will be crawling,
Walking on his sturdy legs.
Xylophones, Lincoln logs, tinker toys
Yesterday, where did it go, as time
Zig-zags its way along the course of his life.
Copyright 1988 by Judith E. Garling

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