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The Presence
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Rough Passage
The Newborn
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The Battle
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Christmas 1984
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Three Little Words
Mommy, It Hurts
Tired Again
Two Little Boys
A Father's Pride
Number Two Son
Oh, God
Too Soon



Oh mom, please know, I can't sit still.
There's too much to explore.
So hold me close then let me go
As I head towards the door.

New things I see to climb upon,
To touch, to taste, to smell.
It's new to me, this wondrous house,
So much. I cannot tell.

I recently began to crawl,
I rocked on hands and knees.
I'm standing now against the door--
I look out at the trees.

I just adore the cuckoo clock,
It makes me stop and stare.
If toys will bang or make a noise,
You know I will be there.

Pots and pans and jar lids, too,
They make such loud, loud noise.
Much different from each other, yes,
More fun than quiet toys.

Everything goes in my mouth--
From Cheerios to blocks.
So mommy, if it might hurt me,
Put it behind some locks.

The bedroom dresser with its knobs,
The brief case handle too,
They fascinate me and I'll play
A long, long time with you.

Climbing stairs I do quite well,
But mom will use a gate
To keep me from some spills and falls
(They've increased as of late.)

For bumps and spills are frequent now
And teeth get in the way.
Then puffy lips will show I fell
And stay for many a day.

I venture out, new holds to find,
Two hands, then one, then none.
Soon everywhere you'll see me walk
And then I'll have more fun.
Copyright 1988 by Judith E. Garling

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