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At Thirteen and Fourteen Months


My child wakes up, it's morning now.
He wants his milk (his juice of cow).

I give him milk and hold him tight,
Change his diapers, make things right.

Nice clean clothes to start the day;
While mommy dresses he can play.

Breakfast next, what shall we eat?
Cereal, eggs? The fruit is sweet.

You want to eat it off your tray?
Or should mom use a spoon today?

Then down to play, your toys are there
Right next to your rocking chair.

He's walking now, this child of mine.
Climbing, too, some of the time.

(He started crawling, oh, so young.
And climbing stairs was so much fun.)

I never know what he'll do next
To make me smile or make me vexed.

He brings me toys to wind or pop,
He doesn't the noise to stop.

The pots and pans do make a din
And oft my patience does run thin.

He practices his walk and climbs
And hands me lots of things he finds.

We'll take a walk around the block
Or wind again the music clock,

He climbs onto his booster chair
And whines with arm out in the air,

It's juice for him, he's telling me,
He wants it now, he is thirsty,

He climbs into the rocking chair
And thinks he's so smart being there,

We have our lunch, then play again.
Oh, when does naptime come, oh when?

Eventually the child, he tires
And naptime will calm down his fires,

Then up, before his dad comes home
And through the house again he'll roam,

I hear him now! "Your daddy's here!"
On baby's face I see the cheer,

He waits beside the op'ning door,
In daddy's arms, who could want more?

Then suppertime, more food to eat,
Vegetables? He would like a treat.

Then time to play, it's daddy's turn
To teach him things he needs to learn,

Turn on the light, the light is there.
Where is your nose? Where is your hair?

He likes his bath, with toys galore,
Incoming water he'll explore,

His toys get wet, but that's okay,
They will dry out another day,

Pajama time, the day is through.
A bottle of milk is good for you,

So sleep my child, 'til morning light
And wake up then, cheery and bright.
Copyright 1988 by Judith E. Garling

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