Lord, I Need You

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Romans 1-8


I' m the apostle Paul
And this is my letter,
I wanted to visit, but
God said this is better.

Man wanted to sin
To forget about God.
God gave them up
And in sin they trod.

There' s no excuse,
The judgment is near,
God' s righteousness
Is something to fear.

The law cannot save:
It only shows sin,
Whether Jew or Greek,
With the law you can' t win.

God' s always faithful
Even though all sin.
Righteousness comes
If you let Christ in.

By faith we are saved.
Abraham' s an example,
We can be justified
God' s love is ample.

We have peace with God
Since Christ Jesus died
When we were still sinners
With our hands tied.

Death came from Adam,
Through Christ came life,
Be dead to sin!
Be dead to strife!

We died to sin!
So sin less and less!
Alive to Christ
And righteousness.

We struggle daily
With sin and with good,
God promises help
To do as we should.

There' s life in Christ.
God' s Spirit is ours.
For righteousness
We have his powers.

The future is bright,
There is glory there,
The Spirit will help us
Our prayers to share.

Nothing can keep us
From Jesus Christ' s love;
Nothing below
And nothing above.
Copyright 1984 by Judith E. Garling

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