Lord, I Need You

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The Last Journey Home


The clock on the mantle
It ticks past the hours
Marking the time
As my life passes by.

The sickness within me
That never will leave;
Good health but a dream
That will never be mine.

Impressing upon me
The shortness of life,
The eternal state
Of the spirit and soul.

My thoughts run so deep
And I often get scared
Of the future unknown
And the path before me.

The pain, how it scares me.
My anxiousness swells
If I think of my body
Now racked with disease.

And all would be futile,
So hopeless for me
Except for the fact
That I am heaven bound.

For God sent His Son
And my sins He forgave.
I repented, believed,
And salvation is mine.

God' s Spirit has come
And now dwelleth in me
To comfort and strengthen
Throughout all my days.

Though I don' t understand
And I' d rather be well
Acceptance I need
Of the course before me.

Now, more than ever
I need you, my God
To give me your peace
And the comfort I seek.

Help me to view pain
And death from Your eyes,
To look with a longing
To be at Your side.

To know with assurance
What' s waiting for me
When I cross o'er the line
And I stand before You.

Help me to think thoughts
Of You, Lord, not me;
Give endurance through pain
In this time I have left.

Give peace to my family,
And comfort them, too.
Please help us to see
All Your love at this time.

Thank You for salvation
My Lord and my God.
Thank You for Your Spirit
You put within me.

Thank You for Your heaven
Where soon I shall be.
Thank You for Your peace
As I look towards the gates.

Thank You for my family
That again I will see.
I pray that the others will
Someday know you, too.

Dear Lord, hold me close
As the clock ticks the hours
'Til I'm safe in Your presence
With suffering no more.

And then I will sing
Of Your glory and grace
For all will be worth it
When I look at Your face.
Copyright 1997 by Judith E. Garling

Permission is granted for you to copy these poems for yourself or to share with others as long as the poems are not changed, you include the copyright notice, and no fee is charged. If you would like to use a poem in any other manner, please obtain permission; send me an email.