Lord, I Need You

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God's Promises


I know you never promised me
That life would be a song,
That in all my relationships
I'd always get along.

I know you never promised me
That life would be a breeze
With sunny days and moonlit nights
And birds within the trees.

I know that what you've promised me
Instead is all your love.
No matter how my day has been,
You're watching from above.

You've promised me in times of trial
Your comfort you will give
When I have lost all earthly hope
And feel unable to live.

Your wisdom, too, you'll give to me
If only I will ask.
When choices are too hard to make,
When life's too big a task.

You promised me the peace of heart
Of knowing you're in charge
When I feel oh, so little
And my problems seem so large.

But Lord, sometimes I kind of wish,
If only I could see
Into the days and weeks ahead
To see how things will be.

To see myself much stronger,
Having overcome the past;
Present troubles now behind me
(The ones I thought would last.)

To have the concrete evidence
Of knowing I would live
To be older but more wiser,
And to have the peace you give.

To see when I will once again
Be calm and in control.
But that's not what I really need
If I'm honest in my soul.

If I knew how the days would end
I'd live life by myself.
I wouldn't need my Savior God
I'd put Him on a shelf.

I'd make-believe that I was strong
When really I am weak.
I'd dream up earthly feelings here
To match the ones I seek.

I'd try to make it on my own
And all I'd do is fail.
I need the help of God above
For I'm so very frail.

I need you Lord, don't let me see
The future that's in store.
It's only through my daily trials
I learn to love you more.

It's only in the days of life
When things I can't control
That I can learn the peace of God
That fills both mind and soul.

It's only as I face each day,
The trials and the tears,
That I can learn the comforting
That God gives for my fears.

It's only when I feel so lost
And wonder what to do
That I receive this wisdom that
Is always sound and true.

And if I need assurance of
God's promises to me
Then to the Bible I should go,
For through it I shall see.

And if I need encouragement
When answers take so long,
Let me remember yesterday
When God gave me a song.

For yesterday, I faced them then,
And God was good to me.
He led me through the painful times
And cared so tenderly.

He gave me comfort, peace and love
All that I need right now.
And he'll continue faithfully
'Til at his feet I bow,

So, 'til that day I'll walk this earth,
My trials, really small
When I consider Jesus' death
The time He gave it all.

So with Christ as my Savior
I've hope that will not end.
For with the help of God above,
My aching heart will mend.

He gives me peace, security,
Hope, love, and comfort, too,
And if you ask Him to come in,
He'll do the same for you.
Copyright 1984 by Judith E. Garling

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