Lord, I Need You

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Agape Test


Always patient is that me?
Or, impatience do I see?
Does within me kindness grow
And from my heart to others flow?

Do I envy other's wealth
And wish possessions for myself?
Do I talk of what I've done
And never stop once I've begun?

Do I steer my well-shod feet
Away from beggars on the street?
Do I push to be the first
While angry words from my mouth burst?

Do I watch for number one?
From other's problems do I run?
Is my anger common fare
With tightened lips and icy glare?

Do I remember what was done
To me in nineteen sixty-one?
Does gossip make my eyes go wide
With whispered rumors on the side?

Do I stand up for what is right,
Rejoicing in the truth's pure light?
Do I protect the helpless one?
Do I stand by when others shun?

Do I know that I am blessed
And with my trust I can have rest?
Do I see a hope within
Expecting not to lose but win?

Do I persevere each day
Or vacillate each other way?
Do I give up when I fall?
Do I think I've lost it all?

Is my love AGAPE love
That comes from God in heav'n above
Epitomized in Christ the Son
Who gave his life for everyone?

Does my life that I now live
Portray the love Christ came to give?
God's Holy Spirit lives in me
But is it God that others see?

Lord, I ask, perfect my love
And make it more like yours above.
Give me strength to make the change
And my perspectives rearrange.

Let me then, in pain or song,
Walk with you my whole life long.
And everywhere that I am known
Let them say God's love was shown.
Copyright 1987 by Judith E. Garling

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