Lord, I Need You

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A can of mushrooms,
Well drained.
Once living and growing
Now grey and lifeless,
The juice gone.

Months of unrelenting stress
Take their toll.
Illness upon illness,
Aches upon pains.
Stamina and resistance wane
As the months pass.

Uncertain diagnosis
Unending days
Wakeful nights
Unrelenting uncertainties
Is it all in my head?

Peace replaced by
Anxiety and guilt
Confusion and questions
And prayer.

The pain is seen
Within my eyes,
The hurt and fears
Within my cries,
And through it all,
Some spirit dies.

Oh Lord, my Lord,
Why me?
How long?
What's wrong?
I'm so weak
Your strength I seek.

Help me through another day
Teach me what you have to say.
Lord, please! From this pain release!
But more than that...
            Please give me peace!
            A quiet spirit, gentle, calm
            Of untold price, a healing balm.

No miracle would come my way
No waking up perfect,
All healed one fine day.
But still God is faithful
And answer, He did...
             In His own time
             In His own way.

An answer comes
A surgeon's knife
Is what God used
To change my life.

His healing I see
As my spirit grows calm
The smiles are more frequent;
I can laugh once again.

No longer haunted,
My eyes glow with light
My days full and busy
I don't fear the night.
My body is healing
And that's great!
Praise the Lord!

But the healing of my spirit
And the calming of my soul
Is the miracle from heaven
As God works to make me whole.

Through the valley of the shadow of death...
The Lord is faithful
Never did He leave me.

Copyright 1987 by Judith E. Garling

Permission is granted for you to copy these poems for yourself or to share with others as long as the poems are not changed, you include the copyright notice, and no fee is charged. If you would like to use a poem in any other manner, please obtain permission; send me an email.