Lord, I Need You

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How Do You Do?


How do you do?
Oh, just fine, you will say,
No matter how rough
Life is going today.

But that's not the answer
The question begs for;
For within the question
I'm asking much more.

I don't mean a greeting
Like "How are you," "Hi,"
"That's nice," "See you later,"
"Hello," and "Goodbye."

How are you doing
What you're doing today?
And how are you doing
As you walk 'long life's way?

How are you doing
Your tithe and offering?
Cheerfully? Thankfully?
Or does it sting?

How are you doing
In God's house today?
Routinely? Non-hearing?
Or a worshipping way?

How are you doing
With neighbors next door?
Involved and real friendly
Or acquaintance, no more?
How are you doing
As you work all day long?
With grumbles and gossip
Or cheerful with song?

How are you doing
At home with the dishes,
The broom and the sweeper,
The "Oh, boy, I wish"-es?

How are you doing
The children you hear,
With hugging and cuddles?
Do you wish they weren't near?

How are you doing
With husband or wife?
Loving and caring
Or anger and strife?

How are you doing
As you sit alone?
Content in God's timing
Or with grumbles and moan?

How are you doing
In your life today,
If things are so rosy
And going your way?

How do you do
If that's not your lot
When sorrow and heartache
Are all that you've got?

What can you say
When you're asked for a reason
Of how you are acting
From season to season?

What motivates you?
What power, what force,
Gives meaning to you?
Please tell me the source.

Then must you tell them
Of your nature of sin
It o'erwhelms you, controls you,
With it you can't win?

That you're sold into slavery
To your hatred and lust
And soon to be punished by
The God who is just?

Or is your life such
That the virtues shine out,
That of your resources
You'd be glad to shout?

Can you tell them of God
And His Spirit within
That molds you, conforms you,
And o'er sin you can win?

Can you tell them of Christ
And His death on the cross
As He took the penalty
To save the lost?

That Him you've received
And His Spirit came in
To give life to the dying
From losing to win!

That it's God and His love
That is seen in your walk,
In your work, in your play,
In your thoughts, in your talk.

So, how are you doing?
How do you do?
Is Christ in your heart?
Is Christ seen in you?

If not, please, please change
From your path down to hell.
Repent and accept Christ
For your soul to be well.
Copyright 1984 by Judith E. Garling

Permission is granted for you to copy these poems for yourself or to share with others as long as the poems are not changed, you include the copyright notice, and no fee is charged. If you would like to use a poem in any other manner, please obtain permission; send me an email.