Lord, I Need You

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For Esther


To be in a hospital fills me with dread.
I'd rather be elsewhere like home in MY bed.
I don't like white uniforms, pills and IV's,
And thinking of blood surely wobbles my knees.
I'd rather be sewing or reading a book,
Or eating some good food (I'm not a bad cook).
I'd rather not bother with aches and with pains.
I'd rather not have all the stresses and strains.
But Lord, even so, I am thankful today
That my fears and my druthers don't stand in the way
Of your love for my person, your care for myself
For when I am broken, I'm not on the shelf.
For you provide hospitals bodies to mend
And the Holy Spirit my soul to attend.
By grace you've provided these doctors with skill
To fix up my knee joint by Thy holy will
My thanks that it's possible. ('T' weren't always so.
Couldn't do nothin' a long time ago.)
So thanks through the pain and the hospital stay
For I shall be walking much better someday.
But thanks most of all for the work in my soul:
For comfort you give me, for making me whole,
For peace though I'm crying, for joy when I'm down,
To know when I suffer, I'm earning a crown.
My thanks for salvation and grace given me
For I've been included in your family.
Copyright 1987 by Judith E. Garling

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