Itznot learned how count.

         “County has more french fries than I do. It’s not fair!”

         Momma Fair tried to explain. “County is bigger than you and needs more food.” It didn’t do any good. “It’s not fair!”

         Momma and Papa talked. “Maybe we should divide the french fries the same. It would be equal. It would be fair. We don’t want our children to think we’re not fair,” he said. “After all, that’s our name!”

         So Momma counted all the french fries so each child had the same. “They are equal. It is fair,” she said.

         “I’m still hungry,” complained County.

         “My fries are cold and you touched every one!” cried Bus.

         Itznot grinned, but only ate half of his fries before he was full.

         Baby Exact cried since she wanted milk instead of fries.

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