Lord, I Need You, Too

The Road 

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There is a road before me
Upon which I must trod.
How long it is I do not know,
The length was set by God.

Through mountains, valleys, in-between, 
Through rain and sun and snow,
Before me lies a great unknown
Yet forward I must go.

Will my way be full of pain,
Worry, doubt, or fear?
Or will I rest upon this fact:
I know my God is near.

I look behind at where Iíve been,
I saw both high and low.
The easy parts on downhill slopes,
The parts where I was slow.

The climb Iíd thought would never end,
When ease was my desire,
What would have been without the bumps, 
The potholes and quagmire?

Without the trials that Iíd been through
The end would be so sad.
A shallow person I would be
If ease was all I had.

The road behind is what was used
To bring me close to God.
To mold me into something good,
My icy heart was thawed.

The road behind led to my growth
I know that God is real.
He is my Lord and Savior now,
No matter how I feel.

I learned that I can trust in him
His Spirit lives inside.
His plan for me is perfect,
That cannot be denied.

As I run this race of mine
Or walk, or crawl instead,
The road ahead is nothing
That I ever need to dread. 

God loved me then, He loves me now
On that you can be sure.
His plans for me are perfect,
Whether sickness or a cure.

His goal for me? To be like Christ
In all I say and do.
To show my world the love of God
And that the Bibleís true.

And when the end comes, as it will
My race will have been run.
I have the peace of knowing that
That day Iíll see the Son.
 Copyright © 2023 by Judith E. Garling

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