Lord, I Need You, Too

Embrace and Give Thanks 

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You see near. You see far.
But not both.
You see two when there's only one.
What can help give better sight?
Embrace the glasses and give thanks.

"What?" "Say again?" "Quit whispering!"
Hearing loss has come.
Don't be vain,
Don't be a pain,
Embrace the hearing aids and give thanks.

Your legs no longer have the strength
To get you here and there.
There's canes and walkers, wheelchairs, too.
Surely one will work for you.
Embrace mobility aids and give thanks.

It's hard to breathe, you feel so weak.
It's oxygen you need.
With tanks and hoses,
Noise galore,
Embrace your air and give thanks.

God used a Christian to save untold millions
As smallpox ravaged the world.
That disease is now gone
But vaccines live on,
Saving lives and improving our days.
Embrace the vaccines and give thanks.

Antibiotics treat certain infections,
Bacteria being their cause.
If used the right way,
They can sure save the day.
Embrace your meds and give thanks.

When muscles don't work
Embarrassment grows.
Depression engulfs you,
You want to stay home.
Don't be a hermit.

You cannot stay but
You cannot go home.
Rehab is just what you need.
With therapy and care
‘Til you can go home
Embrace the nursing home and give thanks.

Your sugar is soaring
You can't get it down.
Drastic measures are now what you need.
Give yourself shots, day after day?
Embrace the insulin and give thanks.

God planned our lives
For this day and age,
With technologies our forefathers had not.
Blessings He's given
To aid us in life
Embrace God's gifts and give thanks.

Opportunities come as our lives go on
New mission fields He brings our way.
We still can serve Christ
No matter our lot.
Embrace your age and give thanks.

God gives us our frailties
To bring us to Christ
So we can become more like Him.
So do not give up,
Your work isn't done.
Embrace the race and give thanks.

So use what God's given
To become your best
Wherever you are in this life.
Sharing our Jesus
‘Til He calls you home.
Embrace the Lord and give thanks.

 Copyright © 2023 by Judith E. Garling

Permission is granted for you to copy these poems for yourself or to share with others as long as the poems are not changed, you include the copyright notice, and no fee is charged. If you would like to post a poem on your website, please obtain permission; send me an email.