It's easy to get socks the same length when it's easy to count how many rounds of each color. That's what I figured. Except I found out I had one too many rounds of yellow on one sock. Not willing to unravel that sock, I undid the last two rounds of yellow, stitch by stitch, and used the Kitchener stitch to rejoin the two pieces and remake the last yellow round. Did it take less time? Probably not, since I had to restart the round a couple times!

Thrift store variegated wool. Most of my CIC socks are from thrift store wool yarn, worsted weight.

Melon and aqua. I'm surprised by some of the colors I find.

With CIC socks I get to knit with colors (yellow orange) that I'd never wear! Here the variegated was dyed with various flavors of Kool Aid.

Cherry Kool Aid and black. Tried a slip stitch pattern on the leg, with purled black rounds. The design wasn't what I had been thinking about, but interesting.

Cherry Kool Aid. When the first sock was finished I became concerned that I wouldn't have enough to finish the second sock. I used a scientific scale to weigh the finished sock and the ball of yarn. It was close. I ended up with about 6 inches of yarn left over when the second sock was finished. Whew!

Very much the Cherry Kool Aid. This batch of yarn hit the dye first (compared to the socks above,) hence the deeper red. Very cherry when wet!

The heel's yarn was dyed with blue Kool Aid.

Red and blue.

Neon bright thrift store wool. Wow!
I think this was the first pair I made after major surgery last fall, as I was parked on the sofa with videos to keep me company and help the hours to pass. I had thought I'd do more knitting, but even these had me worn out.

Both yarns dyed with Kool Aid. I tried a slip stitch pattern, but it doesn't show up in some areas since the variegated yarn also contains the same blue.

Fraternal twins.

Melon, with little eyelets below ribbing, from an internet pattern.

Using up little bits of left-over yarns.