"God Loves Me" Cross-Stitch Bib
by Judy Garling

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  This bib was designed as a gift to Down's Syndrome babies. Bibs will be made by interested individuals in my church, to be given to parents and prospective parents of Down's Syndrome babies (along with an organization's binder of information of available resources.) (Note: this is NOT a solicitation for bibs.)

This bib is made on (Charles Craft) baby bibs or fingertip towels which have the 14-ct Aida panel on them. (The fingertip towels can be made into bibs:
  1. fold 3-4" down on un-stitched edge of towel;
  2. pin and cut neck edge in center;
  3. use extra-wide double-fold bias tape (about 30") to bind neck edge, making sure ties are the same length
  4. fray-check ends of ties.

The Baby Feet design can be substituted for the Hearts design (center left foot on left side, right foot on right side.) However, the Baby Feet design is NOT suitable for bibs for Down's Syndrome babies since these babies have abnormal feet, and this design could cause the parents more heartache.

Suggested Colors for Hearts Bib (DMC colors given)
Design Item Symbol Floss Color White bib A White bib B White bib C Off-white bib Yellow bib
Lettering, backstitch x ▬▬ blue 809 797 3325 794 322
Hearts 1, 4 pink or red 604 666 605 224 760
Hearts 2,5 green 959 909 993 3042 553
Heart 3 lavender or yellow 445 973 209 or 745 503 913

Note: If you're experiencing problems printing the Hearts design, try this one.