I combined one strand of pink shetland wool (left over from a sweater) with one strand of a thick and thin pink-to-brown wool that I had unraveled from a thrift store sweater. The first 5 inches were done during a jazz concert in December and I finished the rest in January. The vest is about a size 2.

The pocket was added after the vest was completed. With a crochet hook I picked up stitches for three inches. I then knit these stitches in stockinette stitch, increasing at each end every other row for an inch and then worked even. After three inches I made decreases across the width and knit one inch of ribbing using just the pink yarn. The sides were then sewn down. The pocket sticks out to better fit the tiny stuffed animal.

My first attempt at working the heel after the rest of the sock was finished. I used waste yarn to mark where the heel would go. It took several attempts to figure out what I was doing, and I finally just knit the heel like I knit the toe.

Pink and red, who says they don't go together?

Both pairs of red/white/pink were knit together. Both pairs were in my purse pocket at the same time, making it confusing as to which I was working on! They had different numbers of stitches and different repeats. Can't remember if they were on differently-sized needles. Confusing! But I did end up with two pairs, with matching mates.

Colors by Kool Aid.

Stahl Big Print variegated yarn. I only had one skein. After the first sock was done I weighed the sock and remaining yarn and found them to be equal. With hopes I knit the second, only to have the yarn run out about 5 rows before the end of the toe. I found a blue solid (similar weight) yarn to finish the toe and went back to make the first sock's toe match. I ripped out the toe to the right stitch number, but when I compared the finished socks I discovered I'd ripped back one row too many! At this point I'm not inclined to change them.

If I use this yarn again, I'll go for 32-stitches, not 36. Then I'll have enough for a pair.

This yarn was off-white tapestry yarn which I dyed with cake food colors--violet and pink. This pair took more than one 40-yard skein.

I have noticed that the stitches with the tapestry wool are crisper and more defined than with knitting wool.

Same tapestry yarn, with some dyed just violet and some just pink. Unfortunately, when I began the heel in pink, I discovered that haste (not rinsing the dyed pink yarn enough) resulted in pink lines across the fingers where I held the yarn to knit. Off came the pink (that's why you don't see it!) The heel and toe were done in violet, which had been rinsed enough and left no colors on my hand.

With a different number of stitches, the same yarn as the pair above makes a very different pattern of colors!

This pink was a 1-ounce skein of red heart wool that I found at a thrift store. I remember that years ago as a teen I had thought these skeins were so cute and I had wished that I had one in every color. I paired the pink with white so it would go farther.

The top part is done on a multiple of 4 sts. In white, K 1 round, P 1 round. Then with pink, *k2, sl 2* around. Next 2 rows in pink: *p2, sl 2 with yarn in back* around. Work the same 2 white rounds as above. Then in pink: *sl 2, k2* around. Next 2 rounds: *sl 2 with yarn in back, p2* around. Repeat first 5 rows (for this particular sock.)