The Fair Family




         Out in the yard, Itznot could be heard yelling, “It’s my turn! You had it too long! It’s not fair!”

“Bus is hogging the swing!”

         “No, I am not!”

         Momma and Papa talked. “Maybe we should divide play time the same. It would be equal. It would be fair. We don’t want our children to think we’re not fair,” he said. “After all, that’s our name!”

         Momma went out and bought a large outdoor clock.

         “Now, children, each of you may have ten minutes on the swing, then the next person gets to use it.”

         County took an extra minute getting off the swing when his time was up. Bus spent three minutes complaining about County’s extra minute.

         When Bus’s time was over, Itznot was not interested in swinging, but he made sure the swing stood empty until his time was up. “I’ll tell Momma!” he said.

         Exact didn’t fit on the swing.

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Copyright ©2002, Judith E. Garling